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Gorgeous and beautifully crafted

Gorgeous and beautifully crafted

Balloon Dog Stud

Gorgeous and beautifully crafted

Heart Helix Hoop

its very pretty, im obsessed, the delivery time is very quick, 1 week to australia 😍

Chunky Hoop
Rose G.

Bought this for my helix piercing, this is perfect it’s chunky but not heavy dosent turn green in water and just so pretty

These were received damaged.. the packaging was squished.. so now I’m leary about ordering again.. sorry I didn’t submit a review sooner

Receiver damaged.. the posts were smashed

Wish I paid more attention to the type of jewelry

Can be hard to put in because of jewelry style but has caused no irritation redness or itchy ness to my piercing and has stayed in place so far, so overall a win.


But can come off ear easily

Absolutely love the quality and the design! Little pricey but hopefully worth it

Great product, comfortable and perfect for everyday look.

great product. looks exactly how it does in the photo

I love this design, cute and elegant

sooo cute! gonna put this earring in my second when it heals

Shiny Flower Stud
Leilani M.

Obsessed with these, they look so pretty and are the perfect size! Good quality so far too!

Shiny Flower Stud
Madison L.

a lil bling and cute

Quick delivery

My daughter loves it all!

Absolutely loved it!

so beautiful

So easy to use and wear

These are my go to sleep in cartilage piercing earrings because they aren’t just comfortable with the flat back but also whenever you roll onto your side, it doesn’t hurt the inside as well in the curve of the ear.

Shiny Flower Stud
Mariliz T.

Soooo pretty and sparkly

so pretty, great quality and the perfect size